View Full Version : How to make a randomized weapon bob system for your fps

06-13-2013, 05:49 PM
Today i found out how to add even MORE realism to your fps, of couse you can add regular up/down bobbing, but maybe thats not good enough. What if your want it to bob in all directions? The world i posted isnt a fps, but the scripts is would you would use in bobbing your weapons, of course with a little more tweaks.

06-13-2013, 09:15 PM
Shouldn't the gun follow a more or less uniform bobbing pattern though, just as a person's running motions are more or less uniform?

It might be a bit random if the person was stationary, but not noticeably so, since people don't realistically move objects in their hands randomly for long periods of time if standing still for long periods of time. More likely they'd lower their arms offscreen until the player presses another button, like in Metroid Prime or many other modern FPS games.

If you could write a script or a method that makes the gun lower realistically after a long period of inaction, then seamlessly snap back to motion/firing if the motion/fire keys are pressed, I'd be impressed.

11-11-2013, 10:50 AM
Well, yeah, you could make the bobbing uniform, but it'd be more realistic if the weapon bobbing in slightly different places. I'll post an example.