View Full Version : Cannot open a world created in Alice 3.1.58 in Alice 3.1.79

09-11-2013, 10:28 PM
As part of teaching Alice to secondary school students, we have developed a number of worlds using Alice 3.1.58. On computers updated to newer versions of Alice, even 3.1.79 we are unable to open these wolds. On opening, an error message appears. In the details, the message reports invalid byte 1 of 2-byte utf-8 sequence. We tested with different versions of JDK (6 and 7) and different releases of Alice 3.1. The problem appears to persist in all releases beyond Alice 3.1.58. There is nothing in the Known bugs or the Alice Documentation. Any ideas?

09-12-2013, 07:31 AM
Could you please send me one of your worlds so that we can take a look at it...

I suspect that the problem involves our redesign of the gallery at that time, although I thought we were trying to be backward compatible, but that may not be the case...

Send the world to don@alice.org.


09-27-2013, 08:17 AM
The problem is solved in Alice 3.1.80.

Thank you, Don.