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11-07-2007, 10:51 AM
Can a admin just tell every futures of alice3 in a thread that is on top of this forum?
Then we`ll stop asking the same questions all the time.
Maybe it should be like a FAQ?

Here are some questions I want you to add(if you`ll do it):
Will Alice3 have a advance collision system or dynamic effects?
Will it have bump map support?
Will it have have skin and bone support?
Will it have have Sims2 animations?
Will it have have a human builder from/like Sims2?
Will it be slow for a normal computer?
Will it support more 3D-object importer formats?
Will it have plugin support?
Will it include a game player?
Will it have a better help system(documentation or something)?
Will it be able to add 3D-objects in runtime/code?
Will it be able to import/make animation to the object?
Will it be able to edit the graphics options in-game(or out)?
Will it be able to make 2D games?:D