View Full Version : Alice 2.4 on OSX

04-07-2015, 01:37 PM
I've got Alice 2.4.2 installed on a lab of intel Macbooks running 10.6.8. I seem to be running into a lot of problems with Alice gettting REAL slow realtively quickly, where it then locks up entirely or seems to hose the screen up with random pixelated garbage. I've tried setting Force Software Rendering and a couple other system tweaks but the problem seems to regularly pop up.
The first 10-12 minutes things go ok then the slow-down begins.

I've also tried it on another Macbook (same model) running OSX 10.9. It also runs into the same issues.

Surprisingly some of the laptops dont seem to have any issuse which is weird because they are all the same model, they were all imaged from the same source. Weird. ANyone else running this latest Alice on Macs?