View Full Version : Lap 2

Basem Amorah
07-24-2015, 08:07 PM
this assignment really make me crazy. almost give up and every time the program give me error and error and error. i did everything to let the program run again and again "yes", "Yes, and "YES". its take a lots of time and really i am very to learn something new like this.

07-25-2015, 12:54 PM
Boy do I know what you are talking about. These last few assignments especially the labs are a headache especially when you feel like you only understand part of the assignments and the rest is a mystery.

Petit Suisse
07-26-2015, 11:36 AM
I prefer these assigments personally. More heady, less carpal tunnelly. Not liking the animating part too much, as it takes forever. I am doing things wrong at first, or maybe even later but it works, and lots of trial and error, but it's more fun for me.