View Full Version : Assignment 6 - Couldn't stop hearing or singing the song in my head!

Petit Suisse
07-27-2015, 01:14 AM
I absolutely loved this assignment. Zero animation lol.

I loved the attention to detail required, such as making sure that 1 and 0 were no longer plural.

I created a variable for bottles of beer and set it to whatever number (2 for testing cause omg 99 repetitions) needed, so 99. Then I make the number a string as my object spoke. All my other assignments have a decimal and for this is seemed wrong, so I finally found int and there is no decimal. After the first 3 sentences I added the decrement by 1 function to the variable.

I used while for the repetition, and if to differentiate between plural and singular for the bottles.

This one was fun.