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07-27-2015, 10:27 PM
What can I say about this that I did not say about Lab 3.... it did not take as long. Since it was based off of Lab 3, it took me less time (about 2 days).

I deconstructed and reconstruction based off of examples I saw elsewhere. I found that they were not helpful to me. I watched youtube videos on arrays and lists to get some idea of what I was dealing and I got the gist but not enough to help me. I created 5 different versions of this lab every time something seemed to go well. Like in Lab 3, I spent a lot of time praying to God because I felt like I was about to ripe my hair out.

Eventually things just started coming to me. I would isolate each section checking for error (hopefully there are no more) and I looked at what other people were doing in other projects to make it less complicated. I tend to make projects that are fairly simple ...complicated because I have all these ideas and I am striving to incorporate (A personality ....maybe). But I tend to add more complications to it then necessary so one thing I strive for will continue to strive for is simplicity.

I'm glad I'm done.. Thank God. Now on to the final Game.

Petit Suisse
08-01-2015, 10:29 PM
So glad you're in this course with me. At least we can go to the asylum together. I admire your tenacity, how resourceful you are and how you figured it out in the end. Gives me hope ;) The last assignment took me ca. 3 days, and I'm nervous about this one.

What did you use, list or array?