View Full Version : Assignment 2

08-13-2015, 11:58 PM
I went with the Mummy project for Assignment 2. I can honestly say that this project was one of the greatest challenges that I faced in the class. This coupled with personal situations, made it difficult for me to understand how to actually design coding structures to make a character do something such as walk. In the end, I did make the mummy much to life like in his walk. However, honestly, I thought it was an accomplishment that I didn't accidentally make the mummy walk backwards. I also had great difficulty with gestures and poses. For some reason I continued to receive error messages in regard to both.

I would have asked for help, but after about a week, I was so confused that I decided to keep working on the project until I figured things out. In the end, it really helped me complete the rest of the class!

However, I really wouldn't advice working on Alice projects for the first time without asking for help!