View Full Version : Assignment 4 complete (Cedar Valley)

09-28-2015, 01:38 AM
Just finished Assignment 4. The way I approached it, I chose madScientist under People to be my character. Under properties I several variables for each line of the 3 verses and the chorus. Under methods I created verse1, verse2 and verse3 in addition to the boomboom chorus, all of which have 4 lines each, so I dragged 4 instances of the say method and then placed Wait (for one-fourth a second) after each say line.

I had the madScientist appear off-screen at first. Then I had him move right by one-fourth of a meter so he'd appear center-stage for the other actions. I used the built-in walking, entering lab, and talking methods.

To make the madScientist jump at random distances (half a meter to 2 meters), I clicked on World and under properties created a variable called "distance" and sat its value to 0. Then under function I dragged an instance of random number and gave it a minimum number and a maximum one. I put all that under the madScientist.jumping method.

Finally, under world.my first method I have 3 instances of Do together with the 3 verses and chorus placed in a Do in order block.

Aben Ngwa
10-04-2015, 10:27 PM
That sounds really cool. I wish I could see it