View Full Version : Assignment 7 complete (Cedar Valley)

11-03-2015, 06:00 AM
Assignment 7 was quite fun as we got to work with 3-D text and sounds. Two 3-D text objects I created were ‘Title’ and ‘Author’; the other objects I brought in were ‘bird1’, ‘blake’, ‘cat’, ‘lightSwitch’, ‘lion’, ‘navyJet’, and ‘waterFall’. The opacity of all the brought-in objects except ‘Title’ and ‘waterFall’ are set to 0 at first.

After ‘Title’ fades out, ‘Author’ and ‘blake’ fade in. I have both of them move up and fade out at the same time after ‘navyJet’ flies across the scene, using the ‘whoosh3’ sound.

Next, ‘bird1’, ‘cat’, ‘lightSwitch’, and ‘lion’ all fade in at the same time.

I have the rest on my blog: https://tkdblake93.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/itse-1429-assignment-7/