View Full Version : Assignment 5

07-15-2016, 09:13 PM
Variables are confusing. Took me a while to comprehend what i was reading, until i decided to just mess with it. You know, trial and error, hands-on experience? That's when the book came in handy. When i got lost. lol

I didn't do a factory, I did a saloon. I mean, it's technically just an older version of a bar. Right? right.

The if/else statements were a bit confusing too. I thought of it as if/then statement from science:
If 'this happens'---then type whatever happens.
else ------type whatever happens instead.

if you draw it out, it might help give you a clear visual of what's going on, 'cause i don't know about you guys but it gets confusing in line form.

07-18-2016, 11:47 PM
Alice, in all seems like a very easy and intuitive way to understand basic programming principles. I do think you are right, if/else in Alice does not look intuitive to me. I have experience in automation programming, which is not object oriented programming. When I type out an if/else statement, it looks to make more sense to me. Once this does click, you will be able to nest statements and get very controlled responses from the program. For new programmers one of the trickiest things is to remember to plan out If/Else statements. The order you nest them can trip you up very easily.