View Full Version : Assignment 3

09-18-2016, 08:09 PM
This assignment was definitely harder than i though. Getting the legs to move fluently was a tad bit difficult but im happy with the final results. Did anyone find a way to match the movement of the legs with forward movement of the mummy?

09-19-2016, 09:00 AM
Hi Ramon,

I watched several tutorials on making an object walk, and incorporated the suggestions into my project.
I'm sure we all did the 'trial and error' process similarly, in that we tweaked the rotations and timing a little, then clicked Play to see how it looked.
Then tweaked the rotation and/or timing a little, then clicked Play, etc., etc.

This was a tedious process, but I finally got a 'walk' that seemed natural.
I made the mummy's first steps with:
mummy.rightLeg .turn(FORWARD, .2revolutions);
mummy.leftLeg .turn(BACKWARD, .2revolutions);
mummy .move(FORWARD, .2meters);

I adjusted the remaining steps, by shortening the revolutions to .1 (otherwise the legs seemed to 'spin' too far), and keeping the mummy .move(FORWARD .2meters) to have the 'body' keep up with the legs. :o

Have you started Assignment 4 yet? I'm having trouble with the 'random jumping'.. need to read more about how to set that up.