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Kirk MacLean
10-20-2016, 12:40 PM
My alice world is extremely simple with his assignment. I have a guy standing on an island in the middle of the ocean. (Kind of what I picture someone doing if they are singing this whole song haha). I took a different approach to this assignment then I have been doing in the past. I usually get on and create my world then kind of wing it from there. But because this assignment wants us to use the least lines possible I actually wrote it out before I got on alice. I wrote out what I thought I could do to make it work and it actually worked out exactly how I wrote it. Kind of surprised! I have 1 while statement with 5 lines inside it. I'm not sure if that is the easiest way to do it. But it is the easiest way I could think of.

10-21-2016, 10:38 AM
Good Kirk-
What was the assignment?:confused:
1) Just say five lines?
2) Just play an audio?
3) No movement?
4) Was line count limited to lines in the main method?


10-30-2016, 05:53 PM
I need help in Assignment 6.

Can you tell me how you did yours? I am stuck.

10-31-2016, 07:42 AM
What were the main topics covered prior to the assignment?

10-31-2016, 09:17 AM
Loops- While- if else-

This homework was the 99 bottles of pop song;

And I havent turned it in yet. Could not get it together

11-01-2016, 03:12 PM
What if you used a loop counter to make the number?