View Full Version : Lab 2

07-24-2017, 12:03 AM
Lab two was pretty smooth sailing. I was able to get through this lesson much faster than then past lessons and I able to make connections between what was taught in previous lessons and how it could be applied to completing this lesson.

I worked on this assignment independently without the help of any of my classmates.

Beside the unexpected interference in this class, I am really enjoying the work that I am doing in this class and really growing to like coding. I love the problem solving component, I feel like I am using some of dormant brain cells ;).

I was able to get the world to loop, not sure if I got it to loop the way that was expected by the teacher. I'm sure their are many different ways to write code and get the same results and/or the same code can be produced exactly the same by multiple people working independently.

What has been working best for me and has been making me more efficient with getting through the assignments is playing my code after I add each line. I find that it is easier that way to find the bugs.

Hope I am able to be of some help to some one, looking forward to reading your replies.