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06-13-2008, 04:31 PM
I believe that we are enjoying an influx of new, possibly younger members from other forums such as Scratch. Since the operation of this forum is somewhat different from Scratch, I decided that it might be useful to explain a couple of aspects of this forum.

First, we don't have the ability to upload Alice worlds and view them online as is the case with Scratch. If you would like for others to review and comment on a world that you have created, create a new thread in the "Share Worlds" section, go to the "Additional Options" section below the message editor and click the "Manage Attachments" button. Follow the instructions to attach and upload your a2w Alice world file. Then put the appropriate wording in the text of the new thread asking others to review and comment on your world.

If you would like to review a world submitted by someone else, you will need to download the file, save in on your disk, start the Alice program running, and open the file in Alice. I have never been successful in getting Alice to open in a new world by double-clicking on the a2w file under WinXP. I don't know what the case is for a MAC in that regard.

The Alice forums provide a "Private Message" capability that works very well for direct communication between two members when the content of the communication is not something that would be of general interest to the membership as a whole. However, if you are a younger member, don't provide personal information to anyone who may ask for such information either in a private message or in the open forums. If you receive a private message seeking such information, don't respond and either tell your parents or send a private message to the forum administrator, Gabe, advising him of the incident.

I am not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University or the administration of this forum. This message was neither reviewed nor approved by CMU or the forum administrator. It is strictly a creation of my own making.

Welcome to the Alice forums.
Dick Baldwin
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