View Full Version : Storyboarding

Derrick James
02-26-2009, 04:29 AM
My world was going to be an astronaut floating in space who eventually loses his mind and starts singing the boom boom song to himself. Well, I tried and succeeded at changing the ground texture to accomplish the look of it being other stars with the stars sky object on top but they didn;t match well. When I did find a compromise I remebered that the astronaut could not jump up in space. My world then changed to an astronaut being found unconscious by two terrestrial beings on the moon. I didn't need them to make much sense as one flies toward the astronaut asks the other "Whats that?" and the other alien starts to sing. The other ideas I had couldn't be done due to the limitations in the alice program. Its kind of hard to make the story board first and then not be able to construct from your imagination.

I did learn something new about alice. I was a little confused by the myfirstmethod until I found that I could not figure how to make the stars turn and have certain events happen simultaneously- which led me to modify the events to make the stars turn regardlsess of whats happening in the world versus using the Do together repeatedly.