View Full Version : Alice 3.0 Suggestions / Questions

06-10-2009, 07:41 PM
* more hairstyles, like a long, straight hairstyle for girls, or in a bun
* have different face choices because the guys' face is too tough-looking to be on a regular person's body, and this way not all the characters will look the same
* the clothing selection is GREAT already, but a rag dress would be nice, like patchwork, or with tears

* First of all, where are the new updates that Alice made with the Sims?
* How do you move the characters up, resize them, copy them, etc.?

* Add a "new scene" feature like the one in Storytelling Alice
* In functions, have a way to ask the player a question, let the player type in a few words, and if the words are correct (entered words = pre-determined words by maker), then the player advances (using if/else)
* Where are the World Methods? Are they included in the normal scene methods?