View Full Version : Alice/Netbeans and CS1/Java labs

08-24-2009, 08:19 PM
I am getting started with using Alice/Netbeans in CS1. I am using it for the labs, hoping that students will see a richer set of objects and methods and that they have some fun too. Some students will have seen Alice 2 in a CS0 course, but in CS1, I use NetBeans. The students won't see Alice at all, except if they choose to use Alice for the term project.

The code shown to the students is unnecessarily complex, but I have managed to put together a few labs that are much nicer than what we did in the past.

See http://horstmann.com/sjsu/cs46a/schedule.html and click on the labs. They start out boring with BlueJ, and the exciting part is at the end. If anyone wants to steal ideas, you are very welcome :)