View Full Version : Alice 3.0 Beta (61) and OSX 10.4.11

09-26-2009, 03:17 PM
Hi all - I just wanted to get a look at whats in the 3.0 product. Just curious.
Question 1 - I've looked around but I have not come across any documentation indicating any requirements for the 3.0 beta install. Are there or is the download enough?

I've attempted both the online/offline installs of the beta. Both error out immediately. The last portion of the log reads as follows:

org.netbeans.installer.utils.exceptions.Initializa tionException:
[2009-09-26 14:59:40.457]: No components matching the requirement: alicecloser/ requires lgwalkandtouch/ -
[2009-09-26 14:59:40.458]:
[2009-09-26 14:59:40.459]: You can get more details about the issue in the installer log file:
[2009-09-26 14:59:40.459]: /Users/hdixon/.alice/log/20090926145933.log
[2009-09-26 15:00:10.064]: ... dialog closed

Any hints anyone can provide?

Thanks in advance.

PS: On my 4th year using Alice as an intro to programming concepts.:D