View Full Version : Alice errors with new computer on Windows 7

09-01-2010, 01:14 PM
Alice is shutting down and corrupting files as it saves. Not occasionally, but on most machines, sometimes 2 or 3 times per hour. I am desperate for a fix to this problem.

I previously used Alice in my old classroom running Vista. This year my new room has brand new computers with Windows 7. I used the Alice CD that came with Leaning to Program with Alice textbook.

These are the things I have done so far:
Given the students local administrator access
Re-run jre-6u21-windows-x64 and jre-6u21-windows-i586-s
Had the students save and access their Alice worlds on the local machine

All of these may have helped slightly, but have not solved the problem. I am getting desperate. My students are getting so frustrated and I am going to lose them if I can't correct this problem.

09-01-2010, 10:29 PM
Have you tried using the latest version of Alice 2.2 from the website?