View Full Version : Serious Alice 2 bug on Linux

09-27-2010, 08:30 AM
I have found quite the show stopping bug in Alice 2 on Linux. You can't delete loops. The Windows version doesn't suffer this horrendous bug.
Since there is no 2.2 of Alice for Linux (and source code doesn't seem to exist??) I can't see any way of solving this. I can't simply use Alice 3 because it's missing quite a few features I need.
Alice also won't run using WINE either.
2.2 gives this error
Could not find edu/cmu/cs/stage3/alice/authoringtool/JAlice class

And v2 gives
Unable to create a suitable default GraphicsConfiguration. Try changing your Display Settings.

Is there source code publicly available for Alice v2.2, and has anyone got it running on Linux?