View Full Version : Risk Phototype Game Help

12-13-2010, 03:41 PM
In one of my classes, we're currently working on making a Risk Phototype. A lot of the students (myself included) are having a lot of difficulties on making the game work properly.

The biggest problems are the ones I'm having an issue with are:

1. The Dice

Making them move "realistically" and work properly. For those of you not too familiar with Risk, the game has five dice. I was recently made aware of a version of Risk with no dice, but the teacher denied the easier method and required that we used all five dice. Anyway, the game has three red dice (offesive) and 2 white dice (defense).

The dice honestly weren't a problem themselves, same with the rolls, but just making Alice know of the result and for it to face the screen or to say the result.

2. Taking over countries

I was thinking of several ways to make the game know when a player was moving into another country. Our version was reduced down to just have 2-3 countries. I obviously went the easy route and chose West/East Australia. How would I make Alice know when a country has no more pieces? Changing the color is easy, but making Alice know when all of the players are gone from the land is another.

And that's basically it for now. I'm going to be working more on it tonight. I'll mainly be tweaking the dice, and I'll let you all know how it goes. I'd love to hear it any suggestions that you all may have.