View Full Version : Alice 2.0 no longer working

12-17-2010, 03:34 PM
I am having an issue with Alice 2.0 and would appreciate any help. I used the program for a week with absolutely no issues. This week it won't work correctly. I will try to explain the issue the best I can.
It seems like there is a lag or something in the program so I can't see what I am currently clicking on. For example, if I click to rename the world, nothing seems to happen (there is a slight outline of an edit box piece). If I type random letters (cause I can't see anything changing) and then click on something else it will show the random letters now.
Another example, if I go up to a menu it will bring down the box but not show/highlight anything for me to click on. If I do click on something and it happens to open up anything I change in that doesn't appear unless I close the window and reopen it.
I have tried to reinstall the program several times but same thing happens. Anything special I need to do to uninstall it (do I just delete it?) I am traveling and only have access to my computer so can't try it on another computer and have an assignment due in a couple days.
Would love some help with this.

David B
12-17-2010, 04:13 PM
From what I understand, Alice doesn't really have an uninstall wizard like most softwares. All you can really do to "uninstall" Alice is delete the folder named "Alice 2.2" and empty your recycle bin.

12-19-2010, 05:51 PM
I figured that but wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something. The good news is that it seems to be working again. Not really any rhyme or reason that I can tell. I did the exact same thing I had done several times already and it happened to work. Crossing fingers that it doesn't happen again.