View Full Version : Might do another game if I can get the objects...

01-04-2011, 05:10 PM
If someone could be bothered to get me some objects, I think I might start a new game. I would like:

A futuristic sniper with seperate parts for the bolt and magazine HIGH QUALITY PLEASE
Futuristic FPS view arms with parts for fingers
A few realistic aliens with parts for limbs
Futuristic soldiers with parts for limbs, closed hands (no need to have seperate parts for fingers)
Futuristic buildings, watch tower, landscape
A few other futuristic gun objects with parts for magazine and bolts HIGH QUALITY PLEASE

If anyone happens to have these or be willing to create them for me, let me know, I'd like to work on a sniping game but I don't have the time to create the models in 3ds with textures and import to Alice through Maya.