View Full Version : Please help, URGENT Console error on Alice 2.2

02-17-2011, 01:01 PM
Loaded Alice 2.2 on 27 Desktop's with Windows XP Professional SP3. only 6 machines do not have error on user log on side.

I am a new IT guy at this school and have loaded Alice 2.2 as administrator. I open the program and it opens fine.
When I log on as a student "standard user" and open the program the alice program opens 2 Alice program windows (looks normal) plus a 3rd error window Titled " Alice Console error " I click on details and it's rather large but the top says " java i.o. error.

I have updated Java and have versions 9 and 10. This makes no difference in opening the program.

?:confused: Why am I having a problem opening the program under student log on and not administrator but yet 6 other PC's do not have the problem at all !
How can this be resolved ?

Class is starting Mid march.
Your help is greatly appreciated

I sent an email to Alice.org support a week and half ago and still no response.


02-18-2011, 06:27 PM
This thread describes the error I have. And helped me a bit

I had tried to save in different parts of folders on the C: drive with no change of luck

I moved it to the D: drive and now it is working :)

What the heck is going on, why does that make a difference ?