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07-12-2011, 07:23 PM
So I was overly bored and thought, "Hey I wonder if a on mouse over kind of thing would be cool." So here is my work so far now it is EXTREMELY glitchy mainly because I do not know how to make Alice determine the position of the window. Anyway take a look if you want,it really is pretty simple, but I would not use it until I get it to work.;)

Edit:So I narrowed down all the problems to only two. Now it works fine as long as you keep the window in the same position/size. To fix these problems what I plan on doing is using Arty-fishL's io tool so that I can read the Alice preferences file in the .alice2 folder check to see if the window is in the correct position/size. The only problem with this is that Alice may not automatically change it, and you may have to restart Alice completely.:(
Any other ideas would be very helpful guys.:)

Another edit: So I was thinking what if you did not customize the windows position to fit the box but rather the mouses position?

Yet another edit: So I have realized that a coordinate kind of system is just too fickle. However I am going to try one last idea. So I know it is possible to determine the exact color of a pixel under the mouse in java. So what if you could do it in Alice, then on mouse over would be a piece of cake!:p:p

07-13-2011, 05:48 PM
Cool stuff. A former member and I made one of these awhile back. Incorporate it into a game and I'll be impressed.