View Full Version : Alice 2.2 loads very slowly...2.0 loads fine.

09-17-2011, 11:02 AM
I work as a teacher in a high school computer lab and use Alice for a programming class.

Upon return from summer break, Alice 2.2 was taking roughly 5 minutes to start up (Alice 2.2 loaded fine before the break). The Alice splash screen would start, but then the program would seemingly "hang" for about 5 minutes before eventually getting to the Welcome to Alice Window with the program window behind it. The program then runs fine once loaded.

I have tried updating Java. No luck.

I rolled back to Alice 2.0 and I don't have this problem. Alice runs fine. (I just know from experience, that ALICE 2.0 has a few more lockups in my lab than 2.2)

I am willing to stick with Alice 2.0, but am curious as to why 2.2 is taking so long to load. The best case scenario would be to fix my problem with 2.2 and keep using it in the lab.

The lab is a networked lab with 30 computers. The computers are core 2 duo with 4GB or RAM and are running Windows 7 32bit.

Any ideas? If it is a simple situation of an internet connection being blocked by our district computers, I can ask to have that connection opened. If it is in Java, I can try rolling it back (although no changes to Java had been made when the problem started).

Any help is appreciated.