View Full Version : Assignment 3

02-07-2012, 12:39 AM
I had several problems with this assignment along with a few complaints. :mad:

First, I really had trouble getting the mummy to do what I wanted. Moving individual limbs and getting them positioned correctly was quite cumbersome. Also, I was unable to capture poses with the mummy without restarting Alice a couple of times, could be a glitch.

Second, I created a startPose method for the mummy but if I didn't physically move him back to facing the pharaoh after the capture he would starting moving in whatever direction he was facing. I figured by using a starting pose method he would automatically orient and move in his original path toward the pharaoh ... but I guess not.

And my last complaint is how the graphics overlay each other like when the mummy falls, his feet disappear into the sand and you can see his head go through the pyramid -- that wasn't something I aimed to do.

All in all I'm not happy with the final outcome of this project but I did manage to get the objects to -- kind of -- do what the assignment wanted.

I have attached the assignment if you want to check it out. I would appreciate any feedback about how I could have made this easier (I know loops would, but we're not that far in the book yet ;) ) Any tips or tricks you all may have would be helpful too.

Thanks. :)