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03-13-2012, 04:51 PM
This is one of my very first Alice animations.

p.s. dont ask why I named it Zeus.
BTW. should I make the other part

03-13-2012, 09:53 PM
First thing, this is a back up file. Was the main file corrupted and you worked from the latest backup file? Btw, if your Alice isn't saving enough backups, you can go to the preferences and change how many it stores. That helps a lot. Now, feedback on the animation:

One thing I noticed that is good is that you took the text bubble color to the next level and changed the color. I like doing that with my animation because the different color boxes and text can help a viewer remember who is speaking. Black and Green goes well, Black and Cyan goes well to. This is just a thought. Anyway, the animations a a big stiff and a big more scenery would help out the overall presentation.

The ground shaking in the beginning could be changed to a bit of camera "rolling" also. The texts coming up when the 3 dudes go attacked was very slow and could be more interesting. The camera moving to a bit when some effect happened would be cool to. Apparently this is supposed to be like a video game such as Pokémon. Even though you have a lot of variety between the attacks the camera not moving makes the animation repetitive and lame. This is a great first animation because the amount of work you put into it so good job on that. Some of the texts go off the screen such as when it says "Life Full" or something like that.

The waterfall was awesome. At the very end instead of "To Be Continued..." you can just have the battle end and say like Stage completed and then a cut scene of the characters running off into the distance. Look at my Resident Penguin Adventures video for some ideas also. Sound would have been nice to but this is a good start. Just keep practicing your animation skills and you will eventually become an epic animator. I'm doing animation in Alice and Maya to. Alice is what I usually do for the community. It gets easier after a while and it's just a quick way to get creativity out.

This is a lot of text but I hope that you actually read it. Anyway, there are minor things in the video that could be fixed to but a good summary is what I said above. Good Luck on the animation and I hope it all goes well.