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08-15-2007, 03:02 AM
Here are my recommendations for Alice 3.0:

1) Open communications channels with CollegeBoard or someone who influence the AP curriculum to get feedback so that Alice is more tied in/compatible with the AP CS curriculum. Or better yet, get Alice to influence the AP curriculum. Alice 3.0 is going towards Java compatibility and AP is already Java-based. Some colleges are teaching with Alice/Java. If Alice is more tied with AP then the high school AP curriculum can be more integrated with the college curriculum with Alice as the medium tool!

2) For Java compatibility, change some displays, and add some other Java
elements like Java 5 (generics, etc). For example, instead of having separate
methods and functions pane, have method pane and operations pane (for <, >, +, etc.). Separate the panes based on Java aspects. Or have the "Do together" below "Do in order" to show that they are not equivalent in Java. Also, maybe show some inheritance of classes. Make displays both intuitive AND aesthetically appealing for Java (easier said than done).

3) Extend, use or add to the AliceStorytelling capabilities. For example, have
walking methods or other forms of body motions methods canned so the students don't have to build from scratch. Have a scene change capability. You can do it 2 ways. First is like AliceStorytelling instantiating a different new World. Another way is to instantiate a Scene object and populate the World with scenes, and character/physical objects populate the scenes. This way a user can still populate a world object as before, or can create scenes with characters/physical objects, or if there is a another way to show time as a 4th dimension.

08-17-2007, 12:02 PM
1 The 'Export Movie' Coming Back Would Be Nice

2 Able to Save Your custom Commands Too

3 I Heard It Will be Like The Sims 2 Perhaps The Should Have Some
Objects From the Sims 2 (Cowplant, UFO, Ext)

08-18-2007, 06:51 AM
Yes, and the ability to import other Sims2 Extensionpack Materials (Textures, Models, Own Sims) would be nice.
By the way, with this potential, Alice could be a No.1 machinima tool, even beating up Sims2 and Movies :-)