View Full Version : Those of You Who Know Java Might Be Interested In This . . .

08-15-2007, 03:04 PM
Barbara Ericson, Georgia Tech, has written some java classes that allow you to capture Alice worlds and turn them into a QuickTime movie (.mov file).

She's co-author of the Introduction To Computing & Programming with JAVA - A MULTIMEDIA APPROACH, Prentice Hall, 2005, ISBN 9780131496989.

You might want to view this site:
http://home.cc.gatech.edu/TeaParty/26 (http://home.cc.gatech.edu/TeaParty/26)
At the bottom of the page is an example of a movie she created. (I believe that's her daughter in the background of the movie.)

I've downloaded the classes and included them as well as some required classes included with the book and successfully created two movies so far.

You might want to subscribe to their mailing list:
https://mailman.cc.gatech.edu/mailman/listinfo/mediacomp-teach (https://mailman.cc.gatech.edu/mailman/listinfo/mediacomp-teach)

Knowlege of programming in Java is required. Good luck,