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08-27-2007, 08:31 AM
When I have students either email me their assignment the assignment will not open using the alice program. All I get is win32 error.

08-27-2007, 09:31 AM
In case you aren't doing so already, try having them encapsulate their a2w file in a zip file. The a2w file may be being corrupted by the email system somewhere along the way. I have had relatively good success in getting zip files through the various email systems.

Dick Baldwin

08-27-2007, 12:28 PM
A suggestion. Have your students put both the .a2w file and a small .txt or other simple file in a folder and zip the whole folder. Some e-mail systems seem to have problems with only .zip files (which is basically what .a2w files are) that are "zipped" again.

08-27-2007, 09:04 PM
I've always wanted to try email a2w's. :D

03-02-2008, 05:05 PM
I've always wanted to try email a2w's. :D
lol mate, why? :p i always mix something up with this program... i better stick to pigeons..
Rake the Pigeon is puzzled!