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03-25-2013, 03:32 PM
my assignment is below....I do not have a creative imagination and my professor is very hard to understand with his accent...I have done alice through this semester only...and I am trying to think of a project with these specifications that wont drive me to drink...I am already getting there :confused: ....

I started out using the highschool and sitting a nerd, a jock and a girl in a classroom in front of a teacher at a blackboard (just getting this setup took like 4 hours and looks awful the school is crooked and the limbs of everyone look like soemthing from an awful frankenstein sequel). :( I was going to do something like have the nerd drop his pencil and while hes trying to pick it up he could fall out of his chair or something and while he is on the ground the jock could get up and kick him and the girl could tell him thats not nice or something.
After setting up the scene, I soon realized I think this is too many moving parts, limbs etc. I need something easier without limbs like fish or a helicopter or something....anyway I am super stuck on ideas as I said before I dont have an imagination my major is IT but not programming I want to get into tech support but this project is 1/4 of my course grade and I want to pass the course!! please help...I cant wait till this is over and we start on some VB..I have done VB before
please tell me if you have any ideas for a project/ story I could do that wouldnt be super hard and would implement all/most of the assignment reqs.

Due date: Thursday March 28th Midnight

Develop your own story and incorporate the features learned in class. Develop your story in small pieces and integrate them at the end. The following details should help you with the project.

Your animations should be:
• Good and reasonable story, fun (5 points). Visually enjoyable (3 points)
• Your animation should last at least 10 seconds (don’t prolong the duration, the story should take at least 10 seconds)
• Use the following technical features:
• Begin with a reasonable title (Hint: In add objects – use 3D text at the beginning and then make the text disappear) (1 point)
• Build your own methods that take parameters (3 points)
• Use built-in functions (height, width, proximity etc.) (2 points)
• Use Branching operation (i.e. if/else) (3 points)
• Use looping operation (‘loop’, ‘while’) (3 points)
• Movements in different directions (2 points)
• Sounds (built-in or imported sounds are fine, 1.5 points)
• Your code should be understandable for others i.e. use comments liberally while coding (1.5 points)
Hint: Consider using ‘invisible objects’ for simplifying the code. For example, when we were doing ‘snowman flips the hat’ exercise, we could have placed an invisible object near snowman’s arm and made the hat move toward the object.

note: here is a link to the project file if you want to see what I attempted

03-26-2013, 08:37 AM
How about a movie about a baseball game, like the guy is hitting a home run or something like that.