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what_ever101 06-19-2007 03:09 AM

Make camera always follow penguin?
How do I make the camera always be fixed on my penguin throughout the whole movie no matter where it goes?

DickBaldwin 06-19-2007 01:42 PM

You may find it useful to study the tutorials at the following URL:


Pay particular attention to Appendix A, which contains detailed descriptions and usage examples for all of the primitive methods.

Dick Baldwin

twopointohaliceuser 11-07-2008 10:01 PM

There is an easy way to focus the camera on the penguin:

1. In the top left box where it shows the objects in the game/animation, click camera with its icon.
2. Three tabs in the bottom left box will appear: properties, methods and functions. Click on the properties tab.
3. Inside the tab, there are some options listed (create new variable, capture pose, vehicle and point of view). Click on vehicle and scroll down till you find your object (in this case, penguin). Click on the penguin.
4. When you play your game/animation, the camera should follow the penguin wherever it goes.

I hope this helps! :)

zonedabone 11-10-2008 09:49 PM

Another way
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If you want you want the camera to follow the penguin from a specific spot, follow these steps:
[LIST=1][*]Click "create new event".[*]In the drop down menu, click "when the world starts".[*]When your action appears in the "events" box, right click on it and roll over "change to" then click on "while the world is running".[*]Under the "during" drop down menu within the new event, drag "camera constrain to point at" from the camera's methods.[*]When you're prompted to choose an object, slelect "penguin" and in the submenu, select "the entire penguin".[*]Make the rest of your movie.[*]Whenever you play your movie, the camera will tun to point at the penguin.[/LIST]This method is good for eliminating the jerky feel when you use vehichles.

Here's the finished product:

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