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I can't be THAT stupid...where did all the menu options go?
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Default I can't be THAT stupid...where did all the menu options go? - 06-09-2009, 12:56 AM

Okay so I wasn't exactly a pro with 2.2, but I can't even begin to figure out 3.0b. I can get an object onto the field, sort of, but then its like it just freezes. I can't find any options to make anything move. I can't even drag something if i try to click on it this yellow ring below just dies and then nothing else happens, even the camera seems locked in place. I can't possibly be that stupid, am I missing something or is it possible just not even there? Is there a board some where for more amateur wannabe's or people who have no clue because I've been to several boards for other graphic programs and after posting one question I'm treated like an idiot and thrown out for not knowing how to use a program I've never seen before. Where would be a good place to start because I can't even find one thing in Alice and the "Create a character" option only lets you make adult men and women with the exact same faces as far as I can tell. Anyone else have suggestions because I'm totally lost here.
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