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Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
Attached is a zipped version of the first draft of a “Quick Reference Guide” for Alice 3.0 Beta ver. 055. (Perhaps a better name, using LanceA’s terminology, would be a “Hunt and Peck Reference Guide.”) Anyway, since it is the only such guide I’m aware of (something I hope will change soon), I make the bold claims in the title of this thread.

I did the guide in PowerPoint because I like that program’s “Notepage” format. If you don’t have PowerPoint, there is a free viewer available from Microsoft.

I have another half dozen slides that I still need to check out for correctness. I’ll try to post them as an addendum to the guide in the next few days. When (or if) I figure out the NetBeans plugin, I’ll also try to put something together on it if somebody hasn’t already done so. Past that, I really have no plans to extend this document – this is more Dick Baldwin’s sort of thing than mine.
Nice, DrJim!

Feel free to add my Alice 3.0-NetBeans setup information to your PowerPoints.

I'm looking forward to your next release.
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