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Translated Alice (unicode version)
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Default Translated Alice (unicode version) - 12-01-2009, 07:33 AM


I'm working on a Unicode version of Alice, translated to several languages, among them Spanish, Russian, Ethiopian, Hebrew, French, Italian, Arabic, and Yiddish (no joking). I just wanted to describe what I did in one thread, to where I can forward questions regarding Alice's i18n issues from other threads.

Main changes made:
* support for Unicode - both in code and in world format (that is, changed worlds format, thus not back compatible to Alice worlds, but included an import tool)
* added a rich scripting support using Mama programming language - this is a full object oriented language I've created few years ago, designed for teaching programming in mid-schools, where students can write code in their own mother tongue. With this scripting language you can really write free code within the editing area, and manipulate scene objects.
* added support for scenery and characters (improved StoryTellingAlice functionality)
* added tutorial editor tool for instructors
* added a movie export with audio (improved 2.2 functionality)
* added support for creating user standalone executables (under MS-Windows)
* many bug fixes (and probably introducing new ones
* and more

This version is not going to be open source, neither free, I'm planning to charge about 10 $USD for it, the minimal cost I thought would be tolerable by most students.

I had discussions with Alice team regarding the name given to this version - I really wanted to include the name "Alice" in it, since majority of it is Alice, created by the Alice team. But Alice's license forbids that (see this thread So currently, it is planned to be called "Mama" after the programming language integrated into Alice.

I don't know if Alice 2.0/2.2 development continues, if it does I would love to contribute many of the fixes I've made to future releases.


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