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How about the people-builder-thingymabobber?
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Smile How about the people-builder-thingymabobber? - 10-30-2006, 06:41 PM

I've been playing around with the He-builder lately, and I've found that it is quite challenging to create my own custom characters with it (because 1) I have a vast sense of creativity and imagination, and that's not me bragging... that's fact. And 2) I have no other programs I can use to build people that are Alice-compatible). My personal favorite is one guy I made where I stuck him and a dragon into the same world, and then took almost everything off the dragon and placed it in appropriate areas on the guy (sort of like a half-dragon guy or perhaps even an anthrodragon).

So here's another question... are you planning on putting a He (or She)-Builder back into Alice 3.0, and if so, about how comprehensive will the interface be?
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