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Cool Re: Solution? - 01-28-2010, 01:07 AM

Thanks Zonedabone!

You are correct. I had only 3 files in the Tutorial folder, not 5. So, I removed my original 3 files and extracted the 5 in your zip file to my Tutorial folder. While the remaining two Lessons (3 and 4) are now visible when I start Alice, they both have the Alice logo as their icon whereas the icons from my original files (Lesson 1 and 2) use images from the worlds in those lessons. And, the icons for Lesson 3 and 4 in the programs we use at school (Alice v.2.0) are images from those worlds as well. There must have been an update to the tutorials which isn't reflected in the installation disc I have. Nevertheless, both tutorials seem to work correctly with my version of Alice.

However, upon starting Lessons 3 and 4, I get an immediate "Alice - Error; not a file or directory: tutorialWorlds\penguinChorus1b.a2w" for Lesson 3, and "Alice - Error; not a file or directory: tutorialWorlds\space.a2w" for Lesson 4. When I click the Submit Bug button, I get another "Alice - Error; Error posting stacktrace to bug database". (See zipped Bug Reports, attached.) Also, a web page opens with the following error: "Not Found - The requested URL /bugreport/submit.php was not found on this server." [Note: the URL for this web page is]

I appreciate your help with this problem and sending me/us the missing tutorial files. Hopefully, someone with sufficient clout will get Pearson Education to supply a free online patch for users with incomplete installation discs to download, and also verify that the correct installation files are on all new discs supplied with textbooks.

Thanks again,
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