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Default 03-21-2010, 02:46 AM

Since there's a lot of things, I've made a list:

Walking: You can manipulate the leg sub-parts from the turtle to move the legs ie: turtle.leftLeg turn forward. If you insert a "turtle move forward" and the leg movements into a "do together", then the turtle will move his legs and go forward like he's walking.

Hiding in shell: This could be a tough one (depending on the size of the body and limbs). You could make the turtles arms, legs and head move into his body and re-orientate the limbs so that it isn't shown through the shell (you would just do the reverse of the hide to make him come back out.

Disappear/Reappear: You can use the "set opacity to: 0%" to make him disappear, and "set opacity to: 100%" to make him reappear.

Keyboard movements: You would go up to the "events" part of the screen and click on "create new event", from there, you can make the events of when the directional keys are pressed to make him move. You can also further refine this by using a "When/While a key is pressed do..." event to customize how the turtle will move.

Try experimenting with these things since there's a lot that can come out of it.
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