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Timeline for Testdriving?
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Default Timeline for Testdriving? - 02-06-2007, 11:12 AM

This sounds really exiting... I just can't wait any more.
In fact I am looking for a freeware tool, not to learn programming (I learned it the hard way 20 Years ago by coding assembler on my Philips Videopac and its 8048 chip)
I am looking for a tool, that would enable the easy conduction of machinima like content, and Alice seems to be very suited for this purpose. The version 2.0 would be able to do everything a movie needs except for the rendering engine and the low-poly models.
So when I heard that you implemented Sims2 models (with Sims2 as the major platform for machinima content) I was really amazed, for this would be the first real free and useable tool in this genre.
So, to come to the point, literally every day I check the forums to see if there will be an early beta of Alice3. Please, if there is any possibility to testdrive Alice, let us know.
Thank you a lot for the work you are doing! Alice is realy a great tool and I am also faszinated by the people that teach programming with Alice. I myself live in Germany, where education in programming is very lazy, especially in early ages. Keep it going!
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