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Default Sandbox! - 06-20-2010, 04:30 PM

Hello, all! I was inspired by Jedi's 'Game Maker' program, and I decided that I would make an object area using the same concept. You can add objects simply by dragging them onto the circle, and painting is a breeze. Deletion is as easy as 1-2-3, and moving objects, just drag and be happy! As of the newest version, object moving is glitch-free, and it even undoes itself if you go off of the circle!

Add objects with ease. Just drag them in!
Paint objects by clicking on them!
Trash objects using the trash can!
Automatically reuses trashed objects!
You can have 7 spheres and 8 cubes on screen at once!
Move Objects!
Textures Supported!
Object opacity can be set with paint tool.
Spheres and cubes can be used! (More to come)
Rotate objects with control or from new selection interface!
New option to clear board quickly while retaining settings!

To-be features:
(Possibly) make it so you can have it so that objects can't collide.
Add save capabilities? (Probably not)

* High Priority

Oh, yes! The file!
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