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Documentation, the never ending quest
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Default Documentation, the never ending quest - 03-08-2011, 09:11 AM

The oldest, still live Alice forum... hmmm I'm humbled. ... But, as Alice evolves and as our uses for it evolve, the need to know what is current and useful is very real. So I encourage folks to post more recent suggestions than those of 6 years ago (which is a lifetime in web years) ...

For those who don't know the posters ... I'm delighted to find a few responses from Randy Pausch, ... and if you have not viewed: the Last Lecture by Randy, I recommend it to you, your students. I will be recommending it later today in an IEEE Computer Society chapter seminar I'm presenting.

Enjoy.... and my thanks as an ex-academic person (and even more so as a retired industry person) ... for introducing young folks to STEM topics. Our future depends on these fields and these students!
Jim Isaak
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