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Originally Posted by gransalamandra View Post
I'm experimenting with Alice to create a recursive method.

I created a frog that is supposed to say a Fibonacci sequence (10 levels using recursiveness). A Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, et cetera, where the two last numbers are added together to create the next number.

I created the recursive method and set two variables to record the current value and the next number, but I'm failing to pass the number to the variables.

I tried _FibNumber set value to (_FibNumber + _FibLastNumber) for the next iteration, did not work, I even tried with 3 variables but when I test, the variable doesn't change. Any ideas?

I even tried to pass a regular number value to the variables but it just keeps coming back with the original value of one
If you post your world, I could probably be more help, but from your description it seems like you are using class-level variables instead of world-level. With a class-level variable it resets itself to its original value every time you play the method. Make your variables world level instead, see if that works.

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