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Let's Learn Modeling.
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Default Let's Learn Modeling. - 11-13-2011, 08:45 PM
An excellent tutorial detailing the very basics of modeling with Google Sketch-up on Crydev. I believe that Alice needs more in-house modelers... and less people that stuff the Google 3D Warehouse full of thousand polygon cubes.
Now, I never really used any tutorials when I started modeling, and I don't even use Sketch-Up. Ever. As some of you know, I use 3ds Max. Even so, I believe all 3D CAD programs are more or less the same, and I have found no faults in his tutorial.
It will teach you:
The basic tools of sketch-up.
Proper modeling conventions such as optimization, proper moments to use tools, and the importance of edge snapping.
Sketchup is an excellent hard-surface modeling tool. This means it's suited to create things such as skyscrapers, mechs, and is generally an inventor or architect's tool of choice.
The other kind is called an organic surface modeling tool. This means it's suited to create objects such as humanoids, certain types of cars, and newfangled modern art. An example of this is Z-Brush and MakeHuman (18+).
However, it is not to say that one couldn't do the other... It's just harder.

What it won't teach you is miscellaneous things, such as how you should always properly and relevantly name your objects when you make them. This is called naming convention, and is a must if you work with others. It also won't teach you how to make textures (It does teach you how to apply them), and it won't teach you techniques, such as how to create a gun from a box, or a head from a sphere, or a something-or-other from a spline (An infinitely thin 3D line.)
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