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So basically i've reworded a section of what you said into a step by step list:

1. loop infinity times a world level method in the main method

2. create a world level function and make an if statement in there

3. drag a world level function that says "both a and b"

4. drag it into b multiple times till you have enough for all the object of hay in the first level

5. drag an "==" in each value. and make it equal to false

6. drag each hay properties "is showing" in the values of a and b all the way through till there are no more hay bales left uncalled and novalues left
(should be "both [hay1] [isShowing] == [false and hay2...")

7. then return true in the first "do nothing" then return false in the "else."

8. call the function in the method you made before in an "if statement"

9. move the camera and guy to camera dummy object 2 from before, duration of 0

But I don't understand step 4. Drag what into b? I might have more questions as I progress through this project. Thank you so much for all of your help!!
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