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Collision detection? Tools? Availability? Interface?
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Default Collision detection? Tools? Availability? Interface? - 03-15-2006, 01:29 PM


Sounds very interesting.... I've done some experimenting with Alice 2.0 with my son who really enjoys the creativity he can express when using it, so THANKS!

I have a few questions:

- The announcment says development on 3.0 starts now...
So when do you think we might see something? (6 months? 10 months?).

- Will the Alice 3.0 have collision detection?

- 3.0 will have a Java "Engine" again, but with a different architecture.
Will User's still be able to invoke/test methods as they can now in an edit (add objects) view? I was wondering if a "dump a program and load it in a new Engine" effects this? (not interpreted by the engine, but loaded seperately? If I understood the previous posting correctly.

- What will the Character/Object 3D editing tools be?
3Ds Max or something new? (hopefully something less expensive or part of the Alice 3.0 environment).

- Will the basic object methods (the programming Interface) remain the same? Event model remain the same? Or will there be a new "language"?
If the Interface remains the same, might it be possible that Alice 2.0 programs will (mostly?) "port" to 3.0? even thought it's a different architecture? I see that one can export HTML for printing in 2.0. I guess I would be looking for a copy/paste/import of code snippets?

- So one will still need a Java Engine runtime? for one's Alice programs?
(no standalone win32 exe generated).

- Stability improvements? Sometimes I just let 2.0 just sit there doing nothing (I've gone to lunch or something) and memory resources start to disappear and the machine get's maxed out (doing nothing). Do you think that these issues can be addressed if your still using Java? (I guess I'm blaming the Java garbage collector? don't really know, but this is something that bugs me).

- Web support? via an Applet environment?

- Movie Support? SIMS supports "Movie Maker".

- Will code sharing still be via individual objects only? What about Remote Sharing? I might be nice to share entire modules over in local internet.

Thanks for all your hard work and negotiations to keep Alice going. We're enjoying 2.0 and looking forward to 3.0

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