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Originally Posted by StuHellman View Post
Thanks for the help. I did re-save the file using Audacity and can hear the music with no problems.
I've been struggling with this one today. Some mp3s wouldn't play so I thought it would be a bright idea to save fresh .WAV or .MP3 files of these songs, then import them again. They played perfectly and I had this smug grin ...

... up until the moment I tried to save the world.

The save bar would freeze on whatever whatever sound files I imported, a hair away from finishing. Eventually it would ask to retry or give up. Either option just removed all of the sounds from the world.

Some people in another thread suggested that the sound files are too large and Alice doesn't like it. When a 2 out of 5 of the songs were working, before using audacity, it saved quickly without error at >30mb. Now, with even one of the smallest modified sound files, Alice refuses to save.

Any suggestions??
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