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Camera Movement Notes
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Default Camera Movement Notes - 04-16-2008, 08:43 AM

As you note, and the attached example illustrates, the camera behavior is different when you use different events - key control, arrow key control and mouse control. I believe most people would consider this a "feature."

Only using the specific arrow key command will prevent the camera from penetrating walls - and then, as Dick notes, only when there are no gaps in the walls. There is no way I know of to map the arrow key control behavior onto either the key control or the mouse control event statements.

Note that both the arrow key commands and the mouse movement control give forward, backward, turn left and turn right control, while you can set up the keys to give any movement you like.

There is also a command to have the mouse just control camera orientation. This is nice to use to control "looking" while you control movement with keys.
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