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If you have students 5 times in a single week - I ENVY YOU!

1. From a 'legal' point of view, you can most definitely use Mr. Baldwin's material. He even states that on his site, with certain stipulations. And since he doesn't specifically state that you must use the material in "toto", then I would suggest that you design your Alice course around those parts of his great material that you feel relevant to your class. However, he's the final judge on what can and can not do with his material. I believe he's posted his email address on the site I provided. But he is also a member of this forum so you can speak with him here.

2. I'm sorry, I teach on a Trimester schedule. (Our 12th graders spend most of their last trimester in Europe.) But yes, I would imagine that your 11th graders might possibly finish in a single semester. Did you have the opportunity to review the author's various proposed syllabus on the website I provided? These can definitely help you plan your Alice course.

3. If I understand correctly, you plan to teach 1 semester of computer science during the 11th grade and then teach 1 semester of computer science 1 year later, during 12th grade? If this is correct, I am unsure how your students will retain the information taught from one year to the next with such a large gap between courses.

I will be happy to assit in any manner that I can. Good luck!

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